Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Yahoo!...ALMOST Travel time!

Corinna and I are in the finishing stages of work here at Luna's Castle. 4 days left...for now.
Looks like we will be flown back to Panama City from Guatemala in January for a couple weeks to provide the finishing touches on a major renovation, before we fly home in Early February.
We are in the midst of framing and hanging the last handful of pieces, solidifying our promotional materials, documenting all aspects and tidying up loose ends.
What a trip!
Here's a picture of me out in the street showing the Presidential Policia some of the paintings I did of them. I had some help hauling them off the walls and out into the middle of the road for them to see. At first they thought I was crazy for sure, but they couldn't stop looking at them. Alexis' smile tells it all. At least I didn't get arrested...again.
Thanks for the photo skills Corinna.
And YES, that is a Whistler Podium Auto Detail shirt I have on.
Luna's Castle is a truly amazing place, and when you travel throughout Central America, you will undoubtedly here stories about how people come here and stay a while. Many people overnighting it, end up here for a week or more. I get a little wild sometimes and the 160 vodka jello shooters I made the other night to toss around for good measure, certainly don't hurt the fun-o-meter, not to mention it's so damn hot, everyones nearly naked!

What Luna's lacks in a natural outback setting, it makes up for with gigantic space to move around, a jungle courtyard, lazy hammock breezeway, big screen movie theatre, free internet, timely laundry service, new guitars, bad ass art, panoramic ocean and city views and super rad vibes. Panama City is a modern hub and great jumping off point to South America and many awesome surf locations, islands and jungle treks.
Check out these little cuties we found on Isla Taboga, a 45 minute ferry ride from here.
Green and Black Poison Dart Frog
Yeah! The ones the natives used the poison from to tip their blowdart points for hunting.

Fiddler Crab
These little guys are reeeeeaaaaal darn fast and beautiful saturated reds, purples and yellows.

Central American Smooth Gecko
We found this guy in an old Army War Bunker on a hike. He's 10 inches long!

Redrump Tarantula
Actually....a little bigger than the size of my palm. On the trail at our feet.

Pictures of the finished project will be posted very soon, so in the meantime, I hope you enjoy this new work from the last 2 weeks.

"Black Love" - 24'x24" - Acrylic on wood panel - SOLD
Love is important.

"Range of 1000 Faces" - 72"x48" - Acrylic on wood panel - SOLD
What I think it is like back in BC right now.

"Island Pass of 1000 Traces" - 72"x48" - Acrylic on wood panel - SOLD
What the BC Coast would look like.

"Valley of 1000 Races" - 48"x36" - Acrylic on wood panel - SOLD
What the mountains look like.

"My Pirahna" - 48"x36" - Acrylic on wood panel - SOLD
Beware of monkey wrench throwers, Karmas a bitch!

"Lacking DMT in my Dream" - 24"x24" - Acrylic on wood panel - SOLD
The mind is a terrible thing to waste.

"Let it Flow, Let Yourself Go!" - 36"x48" - Acrylic on wood panel - SOLD
Confront your demons, before they confront you!

"Green Without Envy" - 9"x12" - Acrylic on wood panel - SOLD
Everyone is different...real different.

"Gold Love" - 24"x24" - Acrylic on wood panel - SOLD

Thank You for taking the time to view my work and read my story.


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