Saturday, May 17, 2014

My First Stone Carving

This is my FIRST stone carving.

I attended STONEFEST 10, May 12-16, 2014 and decided to learn the completely new skill of Lettering. Carving letters in Stone. Upon learning, from Tracy Mahaffey - Stone Carver, I had the idea to carve a piece similar to my symmetrical mandalas I usually create in ink or paint.

This piece of work took 3.5 days to finish on a 21.5"W x 21.5"T x 2"Deep piece of Indiana Limestone that weighs approx. 100 lbs.

The two colours were achieved by sanding the face flat. Then, I mixed Whidbey Island clay, (being used to build a 1600's replica of an irish church outside by some other friends) with water. I filtered the clay and water through cloth to get a clean fluid that I then applied 3 coats with a cotton rag to get the darker area around the outside and the centre circle. I intentionally left the top of the piece raw where the stone broke when it was split to size for me. The curves almost matched the hills outside the location identically.

This piece has been carved in the traditional "V" groove method you would see on elegant gravestones or memorials. The back of the piece is carved with the title: FIRST, my name: daniel john poisson, and my signature logo: DP2014.

I was sent home with some tools and another 300lb slab of Indiana Limestone and I look forward to creating the SECOND. Thank You so much for all the instructor, mentoring and guidance everyone!

— at Marenakos Rock Center.


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Stone Art's Blog said...

Great work Daniel. And a great 'masons mark' as well by the way