Tuesday, December 25, 2012

MOTHERS & CHILDREN: beyond the centre of our universe

Beautiful, focussed, colourful, together, united, central, balanced, real.

This series of 12 pieces has 3 reasons for conception:
1)  intention towards acceptance of Mayan transitions from over 15 years of reading about and visiting Mayan historical sites and to build my personal energy leading up to December 21-23, 2012.
2) acceptance of 12 months of our modern calendar year.
3) I began this series in November 2012.  December 22, 2012 was the due date of my first child, and so I worked on this series every day until  December 21st. 2012.  I wanted to solidify my personal understanding and acceptance of the importance of the human females in my life.

The designs are original from my imagination, working beyond a central point on the canvas. Working from where "I" am outwards to where "everything" is.   Meticulously rendered and as vibrant as life!    I decided to work on a piece for every colour of the rainbow.  I felt that each "mother" piece (24"x24") was in need of a more abstract "child" (12"x12").  As in life, I consider all women, Mothers, but not all Mothers have children.  Every Mother and every child is equal in their unity of the whole of the rainbow.  I believe the survival of our species here on Earth will be dependent on our acceptance of this important and fundamental aspect of Humanity.

And so...beyond the centre of OUR universe we go!.....

the Mothers and Children family portrait

"Moon Mother with children" - acrylic

"Earth Mother with child" - acrylic

 "Sun Mother with child" - acrylic

"Soul Mother with child" - acrylic

"Forest Mother " - acrylic 

 "Heart Mother with child" - acrylic

Created by Daniel Poisson - 2012

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