Monday, March 7, 2011

Rework what has already been reworked, again

This series of works, and the many works soon to follow, are pieces that have been created from previous creations of mine, which in some ways, are creations from elsewhere or other peoples creations or minds.  (say 3 times quickly)
I have gathered elements I enjoy from other paintings and works previously done and mashed them together through collage, painting, projection, photocopy and photography.  Although the inspiration comes from others, the work is all mine. 
The result is something inexpensive and attainable that will end up on walls both indoors and out, purchased or not.  They make beautiful large-format posters for outdoor galleries or backyard patios in a city near you!


"ATMOSPHERIC CHIEF OF CHIEFS" - 16"x20" - March2011

"ATMOSPHERIC TRIBAL COUNCIL" - 16"x20" - March2011
"ATMOSPHERIC UPROAR!" - 16"x20" - March2011
Thank You for taking your time to view my newest work....

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