Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Central American Photography FOR PEACE

These images were created in March 2011 while reminiscing about traveling.

The images here are created from photographs I took in Central America while traveling there in 2008-2009.  Along with my girlfriend, Corinna Haight, I backpacked from Panama City, north, through  Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and Southern Mexico, before returning to Panama by plane from Guatemala City. That trip changed my life.  The images have been super-imposed over my own wallpaper-style background and enhanced with subtle colours.

I have used a background that is my own design using the traditional peace symbol that has been spread outwards in radiating rings to create a "flower of peace".  The original image is from a 36"x48" painting I did in Panama City that still hangs there today.  The original painting was signed by over 100 people from over 15 countries while traveling through Panama.  It hangs in Casco Viejo, in the UNESCO Heritage Site, in Luna's Castle, the greatest Hostel in Central America.  There are also over 50 more of my paintings there for all the worlds travelers to enjoy.
 These artworks are collage, ink and coloured pencil on stretched canvas, ready to hang.
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OLD AGE, NEW AGE BUSINESS - Panajachel, Lago De Atitlan, Guatemala - 12"x16"

ANGEL IN THE CEMETERY - just outside Grenada Nicaragua - 12"x16"

SCHOOL BAND DRUMMER BOY - Bocas Del Toro, Panama - 12"x16"

EDGARD MUNGUIA(la gata)the cats - Large outdoor wall mural of Sandinista Rebel killed in action, Leon Nicaragua - 12"x16"

KIDS IN THE NEIGHBOURHOOD - in the mountains, Juayua, El Salvador - 12"x16"

TIKAL TEMPLE 1 -main temple, Tikal Guatemala - 12"x16"

LANDED ANGEL IN CEMETERY - just outside Grenada Nicaragua - 12"x16"

A GUATEMALAN FAMILY - between Coban & Lanquin in Guatemalan Highlands - 24"x36"


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