Monday, August 4, 2008

Last days In Ontario

Hey there! Only 4 days until we fly out from Canada to Panama and I have been thinking.
If your head is attached to someone elses, you do not possess the ability to think for yourself, or you are too comfortable to think outside any other box....DO NOT READ ON!
Man....I love ART! I can not pronounce to you the depth to which my desire to produce art has solidified in my existence. This is it!

The older I get and the more knowledge I accumulate, the greater I feel like being away. Away in my own perfect place. Utopia, it is sometimes called I am sure, but not some fake place with perfect people and only good sense. I mean this in no negative ways to the people who understand me or love me. I mean this in no negative way to people who don't understand or don't try to "get it". It's just that I read a lot. I think a lot. I consume newspapers, books, literature, manuals, periodicals, magazines, brochures, signs etc. etc. I watch people. I listen, selectively sometimes, but I do listen. What I see and what I hear are not overly stimulating to the creative mind. The older I become the greater I understand myself, feel wonderful about it and struggle with the acceptance of those people, places, ideas, and beliefs so skewed towards......TV....let's just call it......if you get what I'm saying you get it. It not just "TV".

Like how did we ever come to the point where gnomes, trolls and elves no longer exist?

Since when does energy come from water and water generates money and only that?
Where have the spirits gone? Why are people complaining about everything? With only one mouth and two ears, shouldn't we be smarter than we are? Spiritually. Shouldn't we be hearing and actually understanding everything we complain about? What have we done to make each other complain so much and go so far in the wrong direction?
What about the individual? What about silence? What about being comfortable alone? What about freedom? What makes so many want to adversely affect so many others? Or do we see it?
Michael Franti gets it. When the music ends why is the silence not heard as clearly as the musical sound itself? Where has all the passion gone? Not the passion to make money or get something from someone else. Not the passion to take what one feels they deserve. Not the passion to "succeed" in comparison to the next.

I mean the passion to love. The passion to create without changing others. The passion to be confident....alone and move others. The passion to be. The passion to understand.

Be passionate. Love yourself.
Love those who love themselves.
Teach those who do not love how to love....something. ANYTHING! Anything positive
Try your best.
Give when you do not want to give and take when you need to.
Be the best....your best. Think of being the best.
Work hard at whatever you do.
Respect everything
Protect your love
Watch out for Mother nature
Think for yourself
question authority!
Expect nothing
Appreciate everything
Be yourself
Follow Your Passion!!!

This isn't where you want to be. A broken warrior is a dead warrior.


Anonymous said...

Daniel - I am loving your work right now! Doti

Anonymous said...

The only thing that ever stays the same is change. So when comfort becomes the only thing change will surely follow. That change can never be know unless allowed to happen. Seek change.
Follow Your Passion!
Real Freedom is Real Change.
The Professor