Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I was born September 3, 1976 in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada and possess no formal education in visual arts.

Inspiration is drawn from my boredom, political angers, loves, desires, dreams, visions and global travels. Seeing places such as England, France, Mexico, Cayman Islands, Jamaica, Belize, and almost every Canadian province and American state, has given me a broad scope of understanding in social injustices, societal falsities, collective desires and passionate likings.

My lifelong goal is to create magnificent, unique, life-supporting images that bring a global, community awareness to the viewer. All paintings incorporate elements and content regarding, unity, protection, respect, and dignity for our planet and Mother Earth, her peoples and environment. This is done by use of traditional design, aboriginal elements, and tribal peoples as subject, often with broken text stating the outright aspiration for a better life and caring thought pattern.

My work is brilliant, bold, intense, and highly collectible as I possesses in my archives over 90% of the work I have done from the age of one year old. My work is now enjoyed on nearly every continent, in many homes, businesses and private collections around the world.

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I hope you like Panama!