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 FRENCH BEACH- Vancouver Island, Canada

 FRENCH BEACH- Vancouver Island, Canada

 I burn natural tree resins.  I find it grounds me, while the smoke connects my spirit to the rest of the world.
 SOMBRIO BEACH- Vancouver Island, Canada

 Middle of nowhere beyond PORT RENFREW- Vancouver Island, Canada

 Even further into the middle of nowhere- Vancouver Island, Canada

 I find it sick humans put plastic tape around and spray paint "LEAVE TREE" on 1000 year old trees. Why don't we just leave them in the forests where they live instead of reducing their life to "SOLITARY CONFINEMENT"?  And don't gimme that "you wipe your ass and live in a house" thing....these logs all go overseas now(for pennies).

 What the picture below could be if we stay ill.


 I find this AMAZING! Look close!  That tree on top growing over(out of) the tree laying down is hundreds of years old.  And to think that the tree rotting under it has not completely rotted away and caused the growing tree to fall, over time? Amazing!
 Realize the size of this tree!  The others around it are not planted. They are also 1st growth, but only miniature in comparison to this 12 foot diameter giant!  You see, that's the parent.  Those smaller ones are the children. Just like your family.
 Neco is a full grown Husky!  That's a BIG tree.....WHY ARE WE STILL CUTTING THESE???
 The Official: Canada's GNARLIEST Tree!  It's a brute, and gnarly all right!
Me and my dog, Neco being in the forest under Canada's Gnarliest Tree in Avatar Grove.

Study about the concept of, or more accurately, subject of Ecopsychology is vital.  Planet Earth is a beautiful place that my psyche has a deep connection to.  I often think about and contemplate the possibilities beyond wealth, fame, fortune, riches and denial. Denial of our human culture as a phycologically damaged creature. We truly are capable of so much, and being as how we are aware of our consciousness, I can not fathom the possibility we are incappable of growing up as a species and putting ourselves right.

What happened?...

There are many great theories out there and you surely have your own if you have time to think beyond your finances. Morris Berman says in The Reenchantment of the World:
"Addiction , in one form or another, characterizes every aspect of industrialized society...Dependence on alcohol, food, drugs, not formally different from dependence on prestige, career achievement, world influence, wealth, the need to build more ingenious bombs, or the need to exercise control over everything."
He's right in some regard.  Combine that with a lack of connection to nature and you have an environmental, social and planetary recipe for disaster.

I frequently take myself out to the ocean, beaches, parks, forests, rivers, lakes and mountains.  It's partly because I'm a nature lover, but more than that, from a young age I was well aware that issues can often be solved with a firm connection, understanding and comfort from nature.  Growing up I  always believed that if we put ourselves into this position, there must be a way to put ourselves out of this position we have come to find ourselves in.
"By assuming a deep, abiding connection between psyche and Gaia, ecopsychology could produce a timely reappraisal of the environmental movement's political strategy. It might generate a new, legally actionable, environmentally based criterion of mental health that could take on prodigious legal and policy-making implications."- Theodore Roszak

I believe we can change the world. It may be a challenge, but I think we are smart creatures.
Yesterday, 40 km into the bush beyond Port Renfrew on Vancouver Island, I ran into a logger getting ready to head into the bush to fall some trees.
me: Hi! Nice day hey?

logger: A bit rainy

me: Yeah, still I heard saws from up on the ridge. Is it 2nd or 3rd growth you guys are harvesting down there?  I'm just curious.

logger: 1st

me: oh thats unfortunate, with all the 2nd and 3rd growth timber farms up for harvest?!?

logger: No it's not

me: Why so?

logger: Because all the big ones aren't gone yet

me: that's my unfortunate

logger: So what?

me: May the infinite spirit one day recognise your troubled soul!

logger: FUCK YOU!

me:  I DON'T wish the same upon you, have a nice day!

I extended my hand, we shook and I drove away.....the point is, he shook my hand after all that.
I hope deep inside, I gave him something to think about beyond the "I have a family to feed" mentality.
It's kinda getting old! WE NEED CHANGES!


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Wow, beautiful, inspiring and a breath of fresh air... you and your words, photos and passion... as always! Thank you for loving and being connected to the Earth so much.x