Sunday, July 3, 2011


CLAY PEOPLE 1 - 22"x30" - natural clay on archival, watercolour paper

This is the first of a new series of work I am creating, drawing inspiration from the forests and rivers of Vacouver Island.  There are creatures in the forest. I call them the clay people.  They hide in the mud and  inside the soils.  They are silent and invisible.

They are just like us, but rarely seen and never heard.  It takes great concentration to become aware they are always watching out for the forests.

These creations are pure, natural clays found on Vancouver island.  I use my fingers and rocks I find to create the "CLAY PEOPLE".

CLAY PEOPLE 2 - 22"x30" - natural clay on archival, watercolour paper 

These ferns are stunning and important to the clay people.

The Clay people have the rivers as their main water source.  COWICHAN RIVER- MARIE CANYON


PEACE! and remember...the clay people are always watching you when you are in their trees and on their forest floors.

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Dave said...

Hey Poisson, how about a recent post buddy, ha ha ha. Good work on the clay people, I like them, truly unique my friend.