Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I have not painted anything in 8 monthes.  Instead, I have been stacking sticks, reading books, illustrating on paper with pen, walking Neco, thinking deeply, working for others, planning my future and reaching into the far abyss of my mind.  I discovered an important thing and before I show you the outcome, I will tell you what it is.

I can sometimes be very "uncomfortable", edgey, anxious, obnoxious, boisterous, sad etc etc etc.....  I started realizing there was a place in my mind that I touched on in my last blog entry. It is regarding that quiet place where one is completely at ease and empty, yet completely full and aware at the same time.  That place in your mind is a place of great peace and important contentment and should everyone find it, the world would be cured of all evil and disarray.   I have since gone beyond this place.

Imagine this....really picture it if you can.  It came to me out of nowhere and I have been using it for weeks now.  Every day it gets more and more pure. It's mental visionary work.  Consider it time travel or....mind travel but without any sort of meditation, yoga, or deep concentration.  It happens and can be used while I am doing my daily routine.

I had this line of thought that took me into the middle of this large, black, transparent disc.  The disc is similar to a saucer or a...frisbee.  BUT, it's large, I mean infinately large.  It stretches out horizontally either above me or below me in all directions, however it is flat and thin.  Now here's the key part.  The disc is essentially the "plane of positivity, ability and clear thinking".   Below the disc is negativity, laziness, anger, confusion, depression, hatred and a myriad of other dark forces .  Above the disc is positivity, motivation, energy, happiness, clear thought, love and light.

I am a small capsule flying around this disc and as my altitude drops, well, you know where I go.  As my altitude climbs life is happy.  The greatest part of all this is that in the beginning when this first came to me, I had to think about it quite often and remain on the upside.  Now, only weeks later, I can guide my capsule along with ease.  The goal is to always remainon the top side of the large disc.

It's odd to you maybe?....but it works and that is what is important.....
SO, here is the outcome of where I have been.

As well, this was the second painting I have done of people using mental travel to create it and soon after, that region of the world has gone into confusion of some kind.  Years ago, I painted a Kenyan lady and weeks later they had riots.  Days after I started this painting, Egypt went into riots.  I intend to work things out.

The being is cross-cultural Egyptian, Mayan, Celtic and Coast Salish androgynous (both male and female) god(ess) holding the earth and drawing universal power from all they know.
Eternal Knowledge.


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