Monday, October 12, 2009


I have relocated from Whistler to Vancouver after 7 years in the coastal mountains. I have set up my studio space in my suite for now and will be exploring options in the coming months to acquire a proper production facility somewhere in Vancouver.

The following pieces of work are something a little smaller, more affordable and more intimate for those who appreciate something more subtle, calming and unsaturated with colour. They were produced after a dream I had about the future.

Each piece is watercolour, acrylic, ink and graphite on bristol board. They are all 11"X14", framed in beautiful one inch black frames, with single layer matting and glass. Each piece is ready-to-hang complete with wire and hand-signed. "Mother of Rebirth" and "Mother of Initial Rebirth" are 16"x20" on stretched canvas........ENJOY!!!!

"Mother of Initial Rebirth" - 16" X 20" SOLD

"Mother of Rebirth" - 16" X 20"

"Monumental Female" - 11" X 14"

"Monumental Creativity" - 11" X 14"

"Monumental Atmosphere" - 11" X 14"

"Monumental Canada" - 11" X 14"

"Monumental Universe" - 11" X 14"

"Mother of Re-transformation" - 11" X 14"

"After the Netherworld" - 11" X 14"

"MIND' is an illusory outgrowth of basic cerebral processes. It is like a tumor. It comprises all the random, uncontrolled thoughts that bubble into awareness from the subconscious. Consciousness is not the mind; awareness is not the mind; attention is not the mind. Mind is an obstruction, an aggravation. It is a kind of evolutionary mistake in the human being, a primal weakness in the human experiment. I have no use for the mind."
---Dan Millman - Way of the Peaceful Warrior--

Thank You for your time......Much love!

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