Saturday, September 6, 2008



My world has been turned upside down. I can feel my feet on the ground harder than ever. I never thought I would see the day as an artist where every piece I produce is already sold, but here it is!
Damn it! I worked hard for this!

I was thinking last night about the life I lived for soooo many years and soon realized I will never be the same. I stepped outside the box. It took a while since the last time. The inspiration I have drawn from the variety of places I have visited is outstanding. Until this Panama adventure, I spent the last few years traveling no further than my own back yard, so to speak. I feel I have seen a great deal in my life and this last couple weeks has been revolutionary.

Among other things:
While walking in the jungle I was attacked by flies. Nasty Bastards. These were no ordinary flies. They don't sting or bite, but they landed all over me and buzzed real loud. I ran, freaked out, and ripped my shirt, hat and backpack off while flailing my arms everywhere. These buggers have staying power.

For the first time I witnessed the Jesus Lizard. I forget what they call them here in Panama, but they run across water....FAST! Yes Lizards....running on water. Just like on the Discovery Channel.

This big bug (whatever it's called) vibrates so hard it creates a massive sound. There are thousands of them in the jungle and it's loud. You never see them, but I managed to find one. I touched it's ass with a 12" stick and it actually made my hand vibrate that's how powerful these 2" buggers are.

I was also stalked in the city while taking some pictures alone down a quiet street. The guy had a gun. A big handgun. He wanted my Nikon. It's kind of an odd feeling staring at a guy who wants something you have and he has a gun. I still have my camera but he still has the gun too...Bless his Soul!

For my 32nd birthday, I visited one of the last remaining true tribes on Earth. The Kuna Yala in San Blas Archipeligo. Aside from water containers, tin roofs, outboard motors, a few small essentials and money, these wonderful people live in the most wonderful place the same way they have forever.

The Kuna have nearly 400 islands they "own" independent of Panama or any other nation. They are self governing, hospitable, and amazing. We stayed in palm/ bamboo huts on our own private, palm tree lined, white sand islands with no one else or at most, 1 Kuna family.

We spent 4 days visiting Carti, Diablo Island, Perro Island and Holland Cayes area; suntanning, snorkeling, joking, loving and drinking coconut water. My birthday party was incredible with 15 of my best friends I just met, a bonfire on the beach and James on guitar. Thanks everyone!

I wish I could explain this place properly, however let's just say I have met people on the road for months and years, traveling hard and many have said it is by far, the best place they have ever experienced. I now know why.

This is one of the islands we stayed on. It was 100' across, with 2 huts and nothing else. Nothing. No bathroom. Nothing. All 400 islands are like this aside from the 4 central hub islands.

Here is the work I have completed in the last 2 weeks.

"Traveling"- 48"x36" - acrylic on wood SOLD

"Freedom Cacoon" - 48" x 72" - acrylic on wood SOLD

"The Cousin Pod" - 48"x72" - Acrylic on wood SOLD

"Hatching Double" - 48"x72" - Acrylic on wood SOLD


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